Shari L. Stockero

Shari Stockero is a professor of mathematics education at Michigan Technological University. Her primary interest is understanding how to support teacher learning at both the pre-service and inservice levels. Her research has focused on using video to support mathematics teacher learning and on helping mathematics teachers learn to notice important events that occur during instruction and use them to better support students' learning of mathematics.

Laura R. Van Zoest

Laura Van Zoest is a professor of mathematics education at Western Michigan University specializing in secondary mathematics teacher education. She is interested in how people become effective mathematics teachers, teacher educators, and researchers, and ways university programs can accelerate that development. Her research has investigated the effect of reform curriculum materials on teacher development, the use of practice-based materials in university methods courses, and the cultivation of productive norms in teacher education.

Keith R. Leatham

Keith R. Leatham is professor of mathematics education at Brigham Young University in Provo, UT. His research focuses on understanding how teachers learn to facilitate student mathematics learning. In particular, he studies how teachers learn to use technology in teaching and learning mathematics, how they learn to recognize and use students' mathematical thinking, and how their beliefs about mathematics, its teaching and learning are related to the learning-to-teach and teaching processes.

Blake E. Peterson

Blake Peterson is a professor of mathematics education at Brigham Young University. His research centers on how preservice teachers learn to teach mathematics. More specifically, he has studied student teaching in the United States and in Japan and how the structure of that experience influences the opportunity for preservice teachers to learn. Intertwined with his research in Japan is an effort to understand how to teach preservice mathematics teachers to recognize and effectively build on student mathematical thinking during instruction. More specifically, he is interested in how to recognize and build on "teachable moments"—what we call MOSTs.


Imani D. Goffney

Imani Goffney is assistant professor of mathematics at the University of Maryland. Her research focuses on equitable mathematics instruction with a specific emphasis on investigating how issues of race, culture, and social class intersect with students' opportunities for learning mathematics. She manages her own research projects with funding from NSF and private foundations and co-edited a book published by NCTM, Rehumanizing Mathematics for Black, Indigenous, and Latinx Students (2018).


Sini White Graff

Sini Graff is a mathematics education masters student at Brigham Young University. She graduated in 2020 from Brigham Young University with a B.S. in Mathematics Education.

Nitchada Kamlue

Nitchada Kamlue is a mathematics education Ph.D. student at Western Michigan University. Before joining the MOST project, she attended the honors program at Chulalongkorn University in Thailand and received her B.Ed degree in Secondary Education (Mathematics). Her undergraduate thesis focused on problem-based learning. In 2020, she graduated from the University of South Florida with a Master of Education in the same field. Her research interest is using student mathematical thinking and inquiry method to heighten learning and teaching efficiency across cultures.

Jessica Postma

Jessica Postma began the Mathematics Education PhD program at Western Michigan University and joined the MOST project in 2021. She graduated in 2010 with a B.S. in Mathematics Education from Grand Valley State University and in 2017 with a M.A. in Mathematics Education from Western Michigan University. Prior to joining the project, she was teaching Mathematics Education courses at Grand Valley State University.

Nishat Binte Alam

Nishat Binte Alam began the Applied Cognitive Sciences and Human Factors Master's degree program at Michigan Technological University and joined the MOST project in 2021. She completed her Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Mathematics from the University of Dhaka in Bangladesh. She previously worked as a Teacher and Trainer, and as a Writer and Executive in the R&D department (Mathematics). Her research interest mainly focuses on using student's mathematical thinking to improve the teaching methods, and how teachers teach in the classroom settings. Particularly, she is interested in developing an active participation and learning environment in the classroom by using the intuitive decision-making process.

Offir Romero

Offir Romero is a Mathematics Education Ph.D. student at Western Michigan University and joined the MOST project in 2022. He graduated in 2018 with a B.A. in Mathematics Education from Francisco Morazán National Pedagogical University (Honduras). During his bachelors degree, he participated in a student exchange for 10 months at Uppsala University (Sweden). He completed the M.Sc. in Pure Mathematics at University of Puerto Rico - Mayagüez Campus. His master's thesis focused on graphs of factors in integral domains. His interest in mathematics education research focuses on equity in math classrooms. Specifically, he is interested in the teaching and learning of students with disabilities and/or exceptional math talent.



Dwight Epperson

Dwight Epperson earned his degree from BYU and now teaches math decision making at Granger High School to juniors and seniors.

Jane Porath

Jane Porath is a mathematics teacher at Traverse City East Middle School. She earned her BS in Secondary Education from Central Michigan University majoring in mathematics and physics/chemistry. Her MA is from Michigan State in Curriculum and Teaching.

Jennifer Pera

Jennifer is a middle school math and science teacher at Jeffers High School in Painesdale, MI. Her undergraduate degree is in mathematics from Michigan Technological University and also has a masters degree in mathematics education from Northern Michigan University. Jennifer is involved in the Mi-STAR science project at Michigan Tech. A fun fact is that she met Muhammad Ali while attending an NCTM conference in Minneapolis during the 90's!

Kevin Dykema

Kevin Dykema is an 8th grade math teacher at Mattawan Middle School in Mattawan, MI. He earned his BA in Secondary Education from Calvin College majoring in mathematics and an MA in Mathematics Education from Western Michigan University. Kevin served on the Board of Directors for the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics from 2016-2019.

Kyle Petersen

Kyle graduated from Brigham Young University in Mathematics Education. After teaching a variety of math classes at Pleasant Grove High School, he went back to BYU part-time to earn a masters degree in Math Education. Kyle is currently serving as the Secondary Math Specialist in the Alpine School District and most enjoys spending time supporting the first-year teachers around the district.

Matt Johnson

Matt is a third-generation math teacher and lifelong learner. He received a M.Ed in teaching Mathematics from the University of Oregon and is currently teaching mathematics at Summit High School in Bend, OR. When not teaching, his hobbies include playing music and snowboarding!

Olivia Payne

Olivia Payne is a math teacher at Pleasant Grove High School. She earned her undergraduate degree from BYU in mathematics education. She recently returned to BYU part-time to work on a masters degree, also in mathematics education. When she isn't at school, she enjoys spending time in the kitchen trying new recipes to bake and cook.

Rina Viramontes

Rina teaches 7th and 8th grade math at Chaparral Middle school as well as a STEM elective class and run an afterschool program called MESA. She enjoys spending time with my students working on robotics and their arduino inventions. Rina has three sisters and one brother along with two dogs. She earned a Bachelor's in Education and a Master's in Curriculum and Instruction from New Mexico State University.

Sarah Jokela

Sarah grew up just outside of Houghton, Michigan and loves and misses Lake Superior like crazy. She received a bachelor's in mathematics with a concentration in secondary education from Michigan Tech in 2010. She now teaches at Carney-Nadeau Public Schools, a small district with about 250 students K-12. Sarah teaches 6th grade math, 8th grade math, algebra 1, and calculus. She spends most of the fall in the gym coaching JV volleyball. When not at school, she enjoys reading and spending time with her husband and Maggie, her 7 year old black lab.

Tiffany Scullion

Tiffany Scullion is a middle school math teacher at Houghton Middle School and a graduate of Michigan Technological University. She is interested in improving student confidence in math. When she is not teaching, Tiffany enjoys spending time with her husband and four children.

Travis Lemon

Travis teaches 9th grade at American Fork Junior High in Utah. He also currently serves on the editorial panel for Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School and is the program committee chairman for NCTM's Salt Lake City region conference to be held in the fall of 2019. Additionally, Travis is a co-author of the Mathematics Vision Project (MVP) high school math series of courses and enjoys working with teachers as they seek to improve their practices.



Zeynep Arslan

Zeynep Arslan is a PhD student in the Department of Mathematics Education at Trabzon University in Turkey where she works as a research assistant. She was a visiting scholar at Western Michigan University working on the MOST project from August 2020 - May 2022. Her contributions to the MOST project include being a part of the coding team and designing diagrams to represent aspects of each element of the building practice. Her research focuses on developing prospective teachers' noticing skills about student mathematical thinking through MOSTs cases. The purpose of her studies is to have a better understanding of how teachers notice teachable moments and how they take advantage of those opportunities.


Ben Freeburn

Ben Freeburn was a Mathematics Education Research Associate at Western Michigan University. He worked with the MOST project 2016-2018 and 2020-2022, and has contributed to all aspects of the project, including the work with public records that support the productive use of student mathematical thinking. His research centers on mathematics teaching practices and how prospective teachers learn to teach mathematics. Specifically, he has studied classroom instructional practices oriented on student thinking, prospective teacher learning in practice-based mathematics methods courses, and the design of practice-based coursework activities.

Alicia Heninger

Alicia Heninger's work on the MOST project since October 2015 as an undergraduate student inspired her to continue to graduate school to learn more about student mathematical thinking. She received her Masters in Mathematics Education from Brigham Young University in 2020. Her significant contributions to the MOST project were coordinating work with undergraduate research assistants and investigating the student statements that might be mathematical but cannot articulate the mathematics.

Carlee Hollenbeck

Carlee Hollenbeck worked on the project from 2018 until receiving her Masters in Mathematics Education from Western Michigan University in 2020. Her research interests focus on the teaching development of preservice teachers and the enactment of curriculum with the hope to provide the richest mathematical opportunities to students. Her contributions to the MOST project were analyzing video data, organizing records of the meeting conversations, and investigating four subpractices of the teaching practice of building on student thinking.

Mary A. Ochieng

Mary A. Ochieng received her PhD in Mathematics Education from Western Michigan University in 2018. Her dissertation investigated what and how preservice mathematics teachers learn through pedagogies of enactment. She began work on the MOST project in 2013 and has contributed in significant ways to all aspects of the project.

Kylie Palsky

Kylie Palsky received her Masters in Mathematics Education from Brigham Young University in 2018. Her thesis explored principles of productivity revealed from secondary mathematics teachers' discussions around the productiveness of teacher moves in response to teachable moments. She worked on the MOST project from 2016-2018 and was responsible for coordinating work with undergraduate research assistants and facilitating project work on the teacher development experiments.

Joshua M. Ruk

Josh Ruk received his Ph.D. in Mathematics Education from Western Michigan University in December 2021. His dissertation work investigated the maintenance of cognitive demand when teachers were attempting to attend to student thinking during task enactment. He started working with the MOST project in 2017 and has contributed to all aspects of the project, especially organizing the coding teams and working on the Teacher Response Coding (TRC) instructional manual.

Amanda Seiwell

Amanda Seiwell graduated from Western Michigan University in 2019 with an M.A. in Mathematics Education. She worked for the project from 2018-2020 as part of the coding teams and managed the initial data collection for the MEP enactments.

Lincoln Sorensen

Lincoln Sorensen worked on the project during the 2020-2021 academic year while he was a Ph.D. student at Michigan Technological University. He was a part of the coding teams.



Anna Kruizenga

Anna Kruizenga is a math teacher at Schoolcraft High School in Schoolcraft Michigan. She received both her bachelors and masters degrees in mathematics education from Western Michigan University.

Danielle Reycer

Danielle Reycer is an upper school math teacher at Kent Denver School in Denver, CO. She attended Western Michigan University for her undergraduate degree and earned her masters degree from Michigan State University. Danielle has been teaching high school math for eleven years, and her favorite subject to teach is Geometry. She is the mom of a boisterous boy named Jackson, and spouse to AJ.

Tyler Winiecke

Tyler Winiecke is a mathematics teacher at Mountain View High school in Orem, Utah. He graduated from Brigham Young University (BYU) with an undergraduate degree in mathematics and mathematics education and later received a masters degree from BYU in mathematics education. Tyler is primarily interested in teaching students how to use mathematics to make sense of the world around them and enjoys working with the enthusiasm of high school students.

Joe Wytiaz

Joe is originally from Tampa Bay, Florida. He earned his undergraduate and Masters degrees in Mathematics Education at BYU and taught for 11 years at Orem High School in Utah. From 2019-2022 he worked as a Clinical Faculty Associate in the BYU Department of Mathematics Education.