In August 2018, the MOST project held a two-day retreat in Chicago for the project's teacher-researchers. These teacher-researchers are 6 middle and 7 high school mathematics teachers from across the United States (see the Staff page for more details). During the retreat, the teacher-researchers were introduced to the practice of "building" on opportune instances of student thinking (MOSTs). Through several activities, teacher-researchers unpacked and practiced the implementation of mathematical tasks designed by the MOST PIs to elicit predictable MOSTs. The teacher-researchers will each enact these tasks in their classes with the intent to build on the MOSTs that emerge. Video of their enactments will serve as the foundation for the research team (teacher-researchers, research assistants, and PIs) to learn more about the practice of "building."

In May 2018, the four PIs and two research assistants got together in Park City, Utah for a weeklong retreat. We were also joined by an external evaluator for part of the week. During the retreat the group discussed various aspects of the projects' work and the upcoming (August 2018) professional development for the teacher researchers who will be assisting us with the project. We also made long term plans and worked on writing conference proposals and papers for publication.